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Some DIY backpacks that I’ve made in the past years


Some years ago I needed a backpack but I didn’t like the cheap ones. The good ones were very expensive.

I was looking on Internet for inspirations when I discovered that some people where doing military backpacks by themselves, so I thought: “If they are able to sew a backpack I don’t see why I shouldn’t.”

I spent so much time and money doing DIY backpacks that buying one, back then, wouldn’t be such a bad idea anymore.

I’m very satisfied by what I’ve learned and maybe in the future I’ll do some more, maybe using some sensors. Without this ‘adventure’ I wouldn’t not be able to sew and so to work on the SmileBack Project.


City backpack made with xpac fabric and waterproof zipper. The target was to create a lightweight pack with some feature that we can find in outdoor packs.The paracord on the shoulder straps is a lightweight solution for attach the hydratation tube.

Xpac City Backpack 01 XIDTCdb Xpac City Backpack 02 ZQugb0e Xpac City Backpack 03 TtRZ7YW

The Big Black Beast

The backpacks has a classic top loading open covered with a lid and a frontal U zip for fast access.

Military Backpack in cordura 1000d flame resistant 04 McjCXhn Military Backpack in cordura 1000d flame resistant 05 F1qJXmr


La Coccinella

The idea was to make a civilian backpack with a futuristic ahestetic using high contrast details.
With this backpack i also tested for the first time PALS system used in military field but without using webbing. The red paracord is, indeed, a substitute and in this way we can attach every pouch we want without have a military look.

Civilian Backpack 07 kLcOvTb

Civilian Backpack 06 UBYlLYo


A simple civilian backpack using Paracord Pals and all the lightweigh of this fabric

Xpac Grey Pack 09 2rybmOv Xpac Grey Pack 08 wYmZukC

The Mandrake

This is a military backpack made with Cordura 1000d (the camo is Kryptek Mandrake). It has a top loading open with a zipper and 2 vertical zipper on sides for fast access.

Top Loading Military backpack 10 65eh5ta

Top Loading Military backpack 11 QnzP2qL

The Desert DPM

This backpack is made with 500d Cordura, the pattern is DPM desert. It has many pockets for fast access and a floating pocket for an helmet.
It has removable shoulder straps and it can be attached to military vest/chest.
The HippiePack

This is the hippie-st pack I ever made. It is made with Cordura 1000d with PALS system, so it is modular.

Flat Military Backpack 12 OLY2Rxi

Flat Military Backpack 13 cqqVRUx

Emergency Pack

This pack is made with cordura 1000d and it is inspired to high visibility bags from firefighters and ER.

High Visibility Backpack 16 4xAIb3J

High Visibility Backpack 17 ZIYrrip

Military vest

This is a modular vest with mounted all the pouches. Everything is made with Cordura 1000d.

Military Vest and pouches 18 Pp2e75k

Military Vest and pouches 19 Je6vTL8

Bike Bags

These are the bags i made for my bike, they are made with Cordura 500d:
-Handle bar bag
-Triangle bag
-Lateral pouches
-Saddle bag

Bikepacking bags 20 frh14un


This pack is made with Cordura 1000d, it has a floating pocket for a helmet.

The backpackanel and the belt are padded, the belt is removable.

Military Backpack OD 22 gbMMcY0

Military Backpack OD 21 hxQYQhR

Military Backpack OD 23 IDbxocE

Same design of the OD backpack.

This DIY backpacks is actually the previous version of the OD one.

Military Backpack CB 24 R60qO43


This is a really simple backpack made with Cordura 1000d, it is mainly a backpack for carry a water bladder with an external pouches.

DIY backpack Military MAP


I hoped you liked my DIY backpacks, if you have questions feel free to contact me here or privately.

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